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Our Resort

A Slide Show of our Family Resort

Octagon Pool & Deck

The 8 sided Pool & Deck sized at 21'by 40' build in 2006' . We love our pool especially when I taught our boy named, Hunter how to swim starting at 3 yrs old. Now he is 9 and beating me almost in every stroke. :0) 

Parking lot

Garden Lover Lane and a back door parking lot. Have you ever thing about building your own gazebo structure without a building permit

BBQ area

We build our own 10x10 Gazebo with a help of a handyman. The log are made of Ohia wood, which is the very first tree grown in lava rocks. One of the hardest wood on the island. Ideally use for posts, furnitures and even used to build a Log House.

Volleyball Court

Garden Lover Lane and a back door parking lot. Have you ever thing about building your own gazebo structure without a building permit

Are you Overwhelmed with paradise problems?

Yes, overwhelmed is right. We felt the same way when we first moved here: We were confused, wanted ideas, needed directions, positive and logical solutions to help us solve paradise challenges. Now I can truly said I help by referring you to Land Clearing and Tree Removal Services Companies are willing to pays for my Customer Services & Consultation Advises. In results, it's at no cost to you.

Our Mission

  • Guaranteed Quality Workmanship
  • Guaranteed Quick Service
  • Guaranteed Affordability
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Have Some Querry

Our Gallery

Plenty of Variety of Fruit Trees & Vegetables

Four Mature Mango Trees

Delicious Common Mango Use For Juice, Pickled And Consumable

Logan, Sweet, Juicy And Meaty

Apple Banana Tree

Mandarin Oranges, Very Sweet After 10 Years Of Grown

Brazil Cherry Tree 5 Years

Hawaiian Oranges Tree, Very Sweet

Avcavado Dwarf Tree

Sour Sap, Excellent Fruit For Cold And Sickness

Star Fruit, Sweet And Large Yield

Sour Sap Tree, Excellent Fruit For Cold And Sickness

Lemon Tree Dwarf

Star Fruit, High Yield Tree

Apple Banana Trees, Started With Only 3-3'tall 12 Yrs Ago.

Popular White Pineapple, The Best You Ever Have, Guaranteed!

Mandarin Oranges, Very Sweet After 10 Years Of Grown Vegetable Garden Bed, Started In 2016

Butternut Squash, Wonderful Stream Serve With Ranch Dressing

Freshly Grown Cucumber And Made Wonderful Dill Pickle

Cantaloupe Mellow Lower Right Side

Jack Fruit, A 30+ Tall Fruit Tree With Large Fruit .Semi-sweet And Plenty Of Meat To Eat For The The Family.

Aquaponic System Using Fish Waste To Fertilize The Various Type Of Vegetable. Under Experimental Stage At This Time


Cherry Solution Excavation Testimonials

Here we have many happy customers, who will use our service again. Please feel free to contact them and ask questions.

We recently had Jim Lee of HP Services survey our heavily over grown yard. He discussed in full detail our next steps in planning towards the yard of our dreams. He laid out cost with each step and listens to our needs and advises us accordingly. He makes us feel confident in our future garden vision. He is very professional and pleasant. He really knows his craft. I highly recommend Jim for your garden needs. He's just a great contact to have to accomplish any garden job with confidence and friendly manner.

Jim, thanks for all your good work.

As a mainland resident, trying to get rock delivered and spread for a driveway and pad on my HPP lot can be a real chore. Jim Lee has made this chore a lot easier for me, and my project was completed quickly and under budget. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim Lee, and personally intend to be a repeat customer in the future.

Just wanted to thank you,

Jim, for your referral Tree Service Company in the cutting down of my "monster" tree on our property. You kept me fully informed throughout the process up to and including the satisfactory conclusion of the job. I would not hesitate to use your services again or recommend you and your company to others! Thanks again,

I recently had the good fortune to discover Hawaii Paradise Services. I own property in Paradise Park and needed to trim some trees on my lot. Owner and manager Jim Lee explained that as well as land clearing, excavation and handyman services, he could help me with trimming my trees. He has a truly remarkable machine, the JCB 508C Telehandler. A large 4wheel forklift with a 40ft. extendable arm and a platform at the end for a worker to safely stand, it was ideal for solving my tree trimming needs. Jim and I quickly came to terms, and ,in conjunction with his subsidiary "Pro Connections", put together a team to do the job. A job that would have taken days, and cost a small fortune, was accomplished just a few hours and came in under budget. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hawaii Paradise Services as a "One Stop Shop" for all your homeowner needs.

I just thought I would drop you a note on your great service, I have never found another service company, that referred to everything for a home Improvement. Their estimations and quotations from a professional handyman on the amount it would cost to do my repairs were truly below what I had expected. The work done on my house was very satisfactory and professional. I will call you again when I need something done for my home repair. Thank you again,

We have contacted Hawaii Paradise Services, Jim. referred us to Tree Service Company associates to have tall ironwood trees cut and removed which was a danger to our house. The work and workers showed competence and skill. The job was so good we hired him a second time to do a Banyan tree and 12 coconut trees (Trim) I was impressed with the supervision, response, and communication. A job well was done.

Thank you for all your work in taking care of the hazardous trees on our property. From my initial contacting you, your response was timely. From inspecting the property, providing a quote from a professional tree cutter, which included the scope of work, to cost, to completion, we could not have asked for a more professional company with which to do business. MANY THANKS to you and your crew.

Thank you for the connection with the Tree Service Company. They were easy to talk to and did what I asked them to do. You referral was very help-full, on the tree trimming job at hand. Any questions about Jim’s connections for these types of job, feel free to contact me.

Mr. Lee had had referred two contractors to finished removing 2 large trees, 8 Manila Palms trees and repair my swimming pool. The contractors crew and their workmanship are excellent with outstanding service and good prices. I've already recommended his company to several of my friends already.

Thank you very much Mr. Lee for your outstanding jobs.

It gives me great pleasure to document my experiences with Mr. Jimmy Lee, Owner Builder of Cherry Solutions Excavation. I live on a one-acre farm which had numerous tall trees and some shrubbery.

I contacted Mr. Lee and he promptly responded. While we talked, he wrote down what I wanted to be done, and his associate contractor me a quote. The work was scheduled, and he and his crew completed the work efficiently, as requested, on a timely basis.

I would highly recommend Mr. Jimmy Lee to friends, relatives, and others who seek a recommendation.

We purchased a 3bdrm, 2.5bath in Pahoa, HI, yet we live in Oregon. This home was a total refurbish - down to the studs. We've had a lot of experience in doing this type of work, yet we discovered that working from so far away was a whole new experience. If we hadn't researched and found Mr. Jim Lee, I don't think we would have been able to pull this off in such a timely and professional manor. He had the knowledge, the connections and the confidence in what we needed to do and he promptly got people on the job while we were back on the Mainland. His general friendly attitude was so welcoming and reassuring that it made things pleasurable. He was in constant contact with phone calls, e-mails and photos, to verify every detail to make sure that we got things done to our approval. We had to redo the roofing, the siding with hardi plank, the electrical, a new catchment system, the plumbing, gutter system, tree removal, excavation work, yard cleanup, debri removal, insulation, drywall, etc. Jim referred to a licensed Contractor , who provided the actual quote. We will be heading back to the Big Island soon to finish up with the cosmetics inside and out and will actually be able to stay in our new place while we work on it this time (thanks to Mr. Jim Lee)!!! If you're overwhelmed, busy, or just need some expert advise and/or special project assistance - then do yourself a favor and call Jim!

Live on 10th /Paradise in Hawaii Paradise Park has written: Yes, Jim Lee to be helpful. He has the connection and knowledge of trusted trades. He follow up on job and make sure you're happy. I used for tree service, plumbing and vacation rental connections

It has been a pleasure meeting and working with Mr. Lee. He was quick to respond to my request and was helpful in assessing and meeting my needs. I look forward to working with him on future projects. Aloha, Wanda Richardson on 8th / Kaloli 5/9/14

Thanks for the honest work. We were happy with the amount of work and the time used. Our land needed many rocks, boulders, green waste cleared and the landscape toughed into begin finish design and layout.

Jim Lee gave Solar Reyes excellent Service. HPS is prompt, friendly and professional. I will continue to use HPS for my needs.

I am Carl Eckman, 30 year plus in HPP, was very impressive. Their work performance and service is top quality - Call me 938-7683 if necessary

Want to build a pool or a pond in your own backyard?

Relax in the warm pool water usually temperature at 80 degree all year around. Background CD / Radio music. Swim at night time water temperature about 75 degree. Learn about How to build a swimming pool in your own backyard.

Save money by ​Utilizing Natures Materials

By utilizing natures materials from land surrounding to create a beautiful outdoor BBQ oven. From example; the BBQ oven costs under $100. DIY.

Learn how to grow your exotic plants & trees

Learn invaluable tips on paradise Landscaping ideas. We started from a jungle environment and now have over 100 palms trees, over 30 fruit trees, Aquaponics tanks and many native Hawaiian plants. What to learn about planting your own fruit trees and native plants?

Are you Overwhelmed with paradise problems?

Yes, overwhelmed is right. We felt the same way when we first moved here: We were confused, wanted ideas, needed directions, positive and logical solutions to

Keaau, Big Island. Hawaii Paradise Park 96749, USA